ATM Placement Safety Guidelines

We like to think that Southern California is a pretty safe place to live and do business, but that doesn’t mean that every precaution shouldn’t be taken in the interest of preserving the physical and financial safety of your self, your business, and your customers. By following the proceeding handful of guidelines, you’ll be providing the safest possible ATM environment.

When Determining ATM Location:

  • If you plan on choosing a location on the exterior of your premises, avoid placing the ATM at the corner of a building, as the diminished field of view could potentially be dangerous. Instead, place the machine nearer to the center of your exterior walls.
  • Choosing a location that is already well lit at night is also a good way to prevent incidents.
  • For the same reasons, do not place the ATM in an area obscured by trees and landscaping. This will also decrease the visibility of the ATM, likely reducing the number of transactions.

Ongoing ATM Security:

  • Our personnel will check to make sure there has been no tampering every time they visit your premises, but it doesn’t hurt to be on the look out for signs of ATM skimming. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, or any suspicious behavior, give us a call and we’ll ensure that everything is in order with your machine.

In all likelihood you will never have to worry about any ATM-related safety or security concerns, but it always pays to make smart choices and stay vigilant. Please contact us if you have any further questions about ATM safety.